**Alert: The e-childsPay website will be upgraded soon with new functionality and a mobile-friendly site design.

Passwords will not be retained in the new system so please make sure that you know the answer to the e-childsPay Security Questions (Date of Birth and Mothers Maiden Name) for seamless access to the new system. Please click here  to view where to find this information.

e-childsPay.com offers an easy and secure way for child support obligors to instantly make their required child support payments online using a credit card. If you are an obligor, you can save time and money by not mailing a paper check.

e-childsPay.com routes your payments to the appropriate receiving state child support agency, ensuring that your payments are made quickly and effortlessly. There is a convenience fee associated with making a payment using e-childsPay.com that is separate from child support fees, and your credit card's bank may charge additional fees, since child support payments are treated as cash transfer (advance) payments.