General Information
General Information and Frequently Asked Questions is operated by the State and Local Solutions Group of Affiliated Computer Services, Incorporated. Child support payers may use to pay their child support obligation online using MasterCard®, and Discover accepted by the States of Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. VISA® is accepted by the States of Arizona, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

The State and Local Solutions Group of Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. is located at:
ACS State and Local Solutions, Inc
936 Eastwind Drive
Westerville, OH 43081
(888) 392-3391

Is a secure web site?
To ensure a secure online payment, we provide 128-bit SSL encryption in association with VeriSign. To take advantage of this security, please ensure that your browser is configured for 128-bit encryption.

Do I need to download any software to use this service?
No. Our Web site is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and will work with any graphical browser.

Is there a fee charged for this service?

Yes. There is charges a convenience fee to use this service to make your child support payment. This fee is separate from the child support obligation you are paying. The fee will be added to your payment, regardless of the payment amount. No portion of the convenience fee is sent to the State as part of your child support payment.

If I'm unwilling to pay the convenience fee, can I still use this service?
No. The convenience fee covers the cost of processing the payment transaction and is not negotiable.

Are there fees associated with my credit card company?
More than likely, your payment will be treated as a cash advance on your credit card statement. Any other fees charged under the terms of your cardholder arrangement are between you and your card issuer.

Can I cancel a payment once it is completed?

No. If you make a mistake with the payment, you should contact us. Please review each payment carefully before you submit it. Once transactions have been submitted, they cannot be canceled or changed.

Is my payment processed immediately?

Yes. Your credit card is charged immediately. Once the transaction has settled with your credit card and we receive the funds, the payment is sent to the receiving state. Please allow seven days for the state to receive your payment.

What do I do if I’m having trouble viewing the web pages on
Any browser should be able to navigate and access All of’s web pages conform to online payment standards. If you are having trouble, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Who should I contact if my transaction is declined?
You should contact the bank or financial institution that issued the card.

Who should I contact if there is a billing error or I have questions about fees charged to my credit card account?
You should contact the bank or financial institution that issued the card.

How will you use my personal information?
Your privacy is very important to us. The only information we share is that needed by the State to which your payment is made. For more information, please review our privacy policy.